Writing Team Behind ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Return to Pen Sequel

When Spider-Man: Homecoming was announced, many people (myself included) were hesitant about another Spider-Man film. We had seen the Sam Raimi trilogy followed by Amazing Spider-Man. But when Spider-Man: Homecoming was finally released in theaters, moviegoers welcomed the refreshing new take on everyone’s favorite friendly neighborhood arachnid-themed Avenger.

Prior to release, Spider-Man: Homecoming was met with much criticism: was it too soon for a reboot? Was Marisa Tomei too young to play the pivotal role of Aunt May? Did Tom Holland have what it takes to play Peter Parker? There was even controversy surrounding the race of the actress portraying Mary Jane Watson.

However, after its release, the film became an example of the perfect example of a superhero movie. Spider-Man: Homecoming had everything a comic book fan could ask for: a relatable hero, a love interest, a formidable adversary, and cameos of better known characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Because of this, fans have a lot to look forward to as writing duo Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers return to take on a sequel to what is sure to be an MCU classic.

Recognizing the successful formula behind Spider-Man: Homecoming, Sony and Marvel are keen on retaining the same team for the sequel. For those wondering why the dialogue in Spider-Man: Homecoming was so well-done, you may be familiar with McKenna’s and Sommers’ other work in Community and American Dad to name a few. Hopefully, with this same team behind the sequel they will be able to recapture the magic of the original.

Source: Collider