Boondock Saints III Announced.

Boondock’s Back, Baby!

Saints preserve us.  Troy Duffy is going to make another Boondock Saints Movie.



Word from the horse’s mouth is that in addition to a movie, he plans to reboot the “Boondockiverse” in order to pilot an ongoing series. He’ll probably shop it to Netflix like everyone is doing these days.  What’s not clear however, is when he says he’ll drop “Boondock 3 on heads like a fuckin’ anvil” and “at the same time, reboot the whole franchise for a whole new generation with a tv show,” whether or not we’ll get Young Indiana Jones, Sean Patrick Flannery, and So Hot Right Now, Norman Reedus, back.

Facebook comments already suggest that fans can’t believe any other two actors can pretend to be brotherly and/or Irish.

You really wanna break up the band, Yoko?

Being the initial announcement, there have been no cast appointments.  But with the twist ending of All Saints’ Day, there’s still the possibility fans will get the best part of the movies back.

Save for the Tourette's
Pictured: The best part of the movie.

With what appears to be a completed script and various “stories” put down, “Boondock III” is very much in schedule with the 10 year release tradition of “Boondock Saints II: All Saints’ Day” if we assume a 2019 release.  Fans can only hope it’ll have the same impact as the original.

You know how it’s not funny when you tell a joke twice?

No word on the return of the rope, Charlie Bronson.