Concept Art for Aquaman Video Game Unveiled

Aquaman has long been the most ridiculed member of the Justice League. However, with the makeover that DC Comics and Warner Bros. has given him, it seems as though Aquaman is quickly becoming one of the more impressive members of the Justice League. Now it seems that Aquaman may be getting his own video game, as well. Hit the jump for more on the upcoming game!

When people think of Aquaman, they think of a guy in a garish orange and green costume that talks to fish but with DC Comics’s New 52 gritty reimagining of and what we have already seen of Jason Momoa’s publicity photos as Aquaman, he is getting a lot more hype nowadays. For those that are not aware of Aquaman’s abilities, he possesses super strength, super speed, and marine telepathy, just to name a few. Contrary to popular belief, Aquaman’s marine telepathy is not simply the ability to talk to marine life but rather he is able to mind control marine animals. Now it seems as though fans will be able to get a sense of what Aquaman’s awesome abilities are like in a new Aquaman video game.

The Aquaman video game was unveiled at, EipixCon, a convention held for the gaming company’s employees. Eipix Entertainment is most famous for the Dark Parables series and other point-and-click games. The concept art depicts an Aquaman resembling Jason Momoa from the upcoming film with a logo of the film next to it. This could mean that the film and video game will be released around the same time. However, Eipix Entertainment will have their work cut out for them since, as we all know, video games based on films have a history of not doing well with only a few exceptions (for example, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.) Time will tell if this new Aquaman game will sink or swim.