Dark Matter Season 3 Premiere Quick Review!

Sy-Fy’s epic space drama summer is off and kicking with Dark Matter back for season 3, and it’s looking good! Last season we left off with the crew of the Raza racing to the space station EOS-7, where all the galaxy’s biggest, most powerful corporations were meeting to discuss ways to avoid full on corporate warfare, hoping to prevent an attack by that would spark a conflict. But they are too late Ryo (AKA 4) succeeds in detonating the Zairon in order to pit the corporations against each other so he can sweep in after and take control of the galaxy.

But now the crew is scattered! 2 and 6 get stuck on their shuttle, the Marauder, and are rapidly running out of oxygen and it’s a race against time for 5 and the Android back on the Raza to save them! And with Ryo in possession of the Blink drive teleportation device, that’s a tall order! 2 and 6 face their demons over 2’s guilt over letting 4 kill Nyx, and 6’s seeming lack of remorse for finally killing 1 last season. Their respective moral compasses really clash! 5 is getting wisps of her memory back as a side effect of using the mind hacking device, and she is finally having to deal with who she was and who she is now. 4 is fully owning his badassery as the restored Emperor of Zairon and is rapidly becoming a compelling villain, trying to erase the moral compasses he grew after hanging out with the crew of the Raza. He frees his old teacher Teku from prison, as his brother put him there before, but his Number One lady Misaki is not happy about possibly being replaced! 3 is MIA being held by Anders, the GA cop, who helped him escape last season and wants to bring him in, but first he must save his would-be adversary from a angry and powerful security sentinel while musing over whether “good” and “bad” even exist in the galaxy anymore. No spoilers on how it ends, but let’s just say the Android cooking a casserole is involved!

The actors have really found their stride in the characters they play, and the moral complications and consequences of all the Raza’s crew’s decisions and struggle to overshadow their past with a new identity are evident and showcases more, now that the world the characters inhabit and the action of the plot has been established and elaborated on over the past two seasons. The characters now have room to grow within the plot structure, which itself is compelling (full of mysteries around identity, their pasts and the Blink drive) which makes for a very promising 3rd season, set to out-do the previous 2!  And of course Sy-fy’s TV CGI is top notch and the space action and combat looks as good as ever! The only thing I’m hesitant in complimenting is the pacing. So much happens so fast. Will the season peak before its over? The danger here is the insertion of ‘filler’ episodes to pad the season so we don’t reach the end too soon (a hallmark problem of Star Trek). But so far it hasn’t happened, and hopefully season 3 will stay true and focused. Definitely worth watching! Check it out!