Episode 17 – Playing Games with Thrones Year 6

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It’s a Game of Thrones Extravaganza this week NerdFunnelers! Whatever House you may support, whatever loyalties  you may hold, whatever lives you hope are not in danger, come! Let us join together and revel in the ongoing epic! Join Bawbshway, Phuong, Ivan and our more expert GoT lore master, Manny, as we dive into the season 6 premiere, discuss character arcs, plot threads, our hopes, our fears, our loves, and our dislikes, and evaluate the state of Westeros and Essos as it now stands at the head of season 6. Will Jon Snow return? Can Margaery not be a bitch? Is Tyrion too awesome or not awesome enough? Can Dany tame her dragons? Has Cersei gotten what she deserves? Listen in and find out as the battle for the Iron Throne continues!