Episode 18 – Captain America: Civil War and Movie Politics

cap am 3

Well it’s finally arrived NerdFunnelers! Captain America: Civil War is here and we break it all down after all the build up and bring you the nerdiest of the nerdy in our analysis! It’s Iron Man vs. Captain America, ideology vs. technology, freedom vs. oversight, convenient and confusing plot devices vs. satisfying yet messy CGI battles, too many character arcs vs. not enough character development! We take on all the dichotomies and conflicts in this episode, as this is a huge movie with lots to unpack in every philosophical, political, and technical way. Where does this movie set the Marvel Cinematic Universe? What are the consequences and fallout? Find out in our spoiler-ific cast! Plus we segue out of this film into some hard hitting issues around actor casting and film funding in Hollywood in general, along with in and outs of Hollywood politics.  It’s a can’t miss cast, so listen in!