Episode 19 – Funnel of Love

shovel knight

Hey NerdFunnelers! This week we are doing something a little different. In between the blockbuster releases of Captain America Civil War and the upcoming X-Men; Apocalypse, and as TV shows glide on towards season finales, con season begins to ramp up, and summer video game releases E3 loom ever closer, we take some time to get a little philosophical, a little personal, and a little dirty in this weeks episode, Funnel of Love! This week we talk about being a nerd and a gamer in the relationship and sex arena, drawing on examples from pop culture and our own personal histories. Join us for some embarrassing stories, dirty jokes, insightful investigations into the modern dating and sexual world from the nerdy point of view. How does being a nerd over something affect meeting people, keeping relationships together, and keeping things interesting between the sheets? What does modern tech mean for the future relationships, both on an intellectual and physical level? What embarrassing interludes affected our lives and how can you use them for blackmailing us later? Find out on this weeks episode! And as always, we invite your feedback, dick jokes included 🙂