Episode 20 – Making Our Own Stories


Yo NerdFunnelers! This week we take a moment in between all the upcoming season finales and pending huge movie releases to hit pause on all these stories and reflect a little on the stories we would like to see involving our favorite characters. That’s right! Instead of critiquing the stories that are told to us through TV, movies, comics, books and games, we take what we like about our favorite characters and talk about the stories we have for them, what we would like to see them do and how we would like to see them act and what situations we would like them to face in order to better understand them and, of course, entertain  ourselves and put a smile on our faces. So get ready for some hypotheticals and original content, as we briefly break from all the summer TV finale and new movie hype and share our own plans for stories involving your favorites and ours, including Batman, Superman, some X-men, and more! Have stories or ideas of your own? Feel free to post them in the comments or on  any of our social media sites!