Episode 21- X-amining X-Men Apocalypse!

xmen apoc

It’s time for Xtraordianary adventures NerdFunnlers! The crew does an in depth review of X-Men Apocalypse! In the rarest of the rarest occasions, we all actually agree that this is the best superhero film this year! Find out why Steven does not have an unpopular opinion this time around! We analyze the plot, the characters, the effects, what worked, what did not, how this film stacks up against other X-Men, Marvel, and DC superhero films and we theorize on how the franchise will progress! It’s a can’t miss podcast for any X-Men or superhero fan! Check it out here or on SoundCloud! Be sure to leave us your Xpert opinions and Xplainations in the comments, on the Facebook page, Twitter, or on the YouTube Channel! Its Xplosive commentary that’s occasionally XXX-rated. We can’t use enough Xs in our 21st episode! That’s right! NerdFunnel is old enough to drink! (Like we haven’t been doing enough of that already!)