Episode 25 – Getting Trippy with Time Travel!


Hey NerdFunnelers! This week we go forwards, backwards and side to side through the timeline as we investigate our favorite elements of time travel in pop culture! After recapping this week’s nerd news, the crew gets wibbley-wobbley, timey-wimey and hashes out the knitty-gritty of the implications, rules and regulations, complications, ramifications, hypothetical situations, and universe shaking altercations that arise from travelling through time in all your favorite shows, movies and video games! We also delve into the science and ethics of time travel, why we love time travel stories as a culture, and what they mean for us technologically and morally. Then we proceed to ask each other horrible “what if we could go back” questions and reach some interesting conclusions! It’s clock-shattering fun this week, so listen in! Check out the YouTube Channel for more fun and like, subscribe, and start convos on this subject and others here on the site, in the comments on YouTube, or on the Facebook page!