Episode 27 – Genderswapped! Bawbshway and Steven on Gender and Race in Nerd Culture

iron man femail

Hey NerdFunnelers! This week Bawbshway and Steven sit down for an in depth look at gender, sexual orientation and race politics in comics, movies, TV, video games and all of nerd culture! Prompted by the many gender, sexual orientation, and race swappings taking place in comics, issues around the LGBTQ community both in sci-fi and the real world, and just examining our own world views, we ask questions and look for answers as to why certain characters are are changed from one gender, sexual orientation or race to another by writers and developers as opposed to just being part of a new creation, whether or not gender, sexual and racial issues are being addressed in interesting and constructive ways by modern nerd culture, and what our responsibilities are as consumers and creators of nerd culture to dealing with racism and sexism. And in dealing with all these hard hitting issues we don’t forget to keep a healthy dose of irreverent humor around! Listen in, and feel free to give us feedback here in comments, or on the Facebook page or on YouTube, where you can like, comment, and subscribe!