Episode 28 – Don’t call these Ghostbusters!

ghostbusters 1

Hey NerdFunnelers! We ain’t afraid of no ghosts, but we are scared of the monumental terror that was the Ghostbusters reboot! On this week’s cast, we dissect the films corpse after it died and became a ghost on screen, right before our very eyes! All the homage and nods and cutesy cameos and plot-point for plot-point rehash couldn’t save this film. It was an ambitious attempt, but in the end, we unanimously decide that it failed on all fronts, which is a surprise considering it had so much backing from many of the original participants and some notable actors and actresses involved! We take on the social and meta- commentary surrounding the build up to this film’s release, and how the film dealt with it, its place in the nerd cultural continuity, its plot, special effects, characterization, dealings with race, gender and sex, and of course, its humor (or lack there of)!  It’s a can’t-miss review cast, so strap on your proton packs and get ready to blast this movie with us! Let us know what you think in the comments here and on Facebook and like, comment and subscribe to NerdFunnel on Facebook and YouTube as well!