Episode 29 – Star Trek Beyond Review and Comic Con 2016 Preview Cast!

star trek beyond

Hey NerdFunnlers! We are  back on the cast this week getting SUPER nerdy over the new Star Trek Beyond movie! First, however, we are hot off comic con with SOOO much to discuss, we wanted to get a jump start on ourselves, so we hit some major release news and some of Bawbshway’s experiences at the con, but keep following the site, the Facebook page, and the YouTube channel for our Comic Con 2016 podcast, videos, interviews, and pics from the NerdFunnel crew’s experience at Comic Con 2016! We will be releasing that content this week into next, since there is a galaxy of content!

Then the crew goes BEYOND nerdy in our extensive review of the newest Star Trek film! There is a ton to beam aboard as we discuss where the movie was awesome and where it wasn’t (Steven’s unpopular opinion of course!). Did the plot hold together? Were the new races and villains interesting? Did characters grow substantially? Did Bawbshway and Steven agree? If you said “no” to all of those then you might be right! Find out if this new movie boldly goes or boldly goes nowhere and then comment, like and subscribe on the site, on Facebook and on YouTube! Live Long and Prosper!