Episode 31- Suicide Squad Review!

suicide squad

Well NerdFunnelers, almost-the-most-dangerous villains come together to form an imperfect “hero” team to battle PG-13 “evil” in David Ayer’s film adaptation of Suicide Squad! Join the NerdFunnel crew as we try to figure out what the heck this movie wants to be, where it fits in the clumsily evolving DC cinematic universe, which plot elements and character portrayals might save this from being a complete onscreen debacle, and what, if any, redeeming qualities this film has! There has been a storm of controversy over this film, from clashes between actors on set and off, to trailer and review problems, to trouble and petitions over it on rating websites! We analyze whether any of this is warranted on such a “film” and break down all the nerdy connections and backstories we can. There is so much to talk about on a film that delivered so little, so listen in as NerdFunnel takes the bullet for you, (though not as big of a bullet as we took for you on Ghostbusters)! And don’t forget to let us know what you think on the site, on the Facebook page and by liking and subscribing on Youtube! And also check out our new friends at Gam3rCon.com for more nerdy!