Episode 32 – Pop Culture Media, Networks, Distribution and Intellectual Property


Hey Nerd Funnelers! We are back this week and say goodbye to Kenny Baker, AKA the droid (and human) we were always looking for, and who found his way into our hearts as R2D2, the galaxy’s greatest astromech droid. We also talk about the new Star Wars: Rogue One Trailer and the new Star Trek: Discovery series details released this week. Then we launch into our primary discussion over how networks and production studios are handling the treatment of their source material in comics, books, and art (could be better), old and new models of content creation and distribution using both older and recent ┬ámovies and TV shows as examples of what works and what doesn’t. Then discuss what kinds of stories, movies, TV shows, powers, characters, plots, settings and time frames we want to see as part of new and exciting tropes, styles, themes and intellectual properties that can perhaps one day stand among the great IP’s that are currently being fleshed out in all types of pop culture media. Never fear, we don’t just complain! We actually form some interesting ideas on how to make things better for both the business of media and we, the consumers and producers! Yay progress! It’s an insightful, intellectual and always entertaining cast, so listen in and join in the conversation by leaving comments here, on Facebook and YouTube and liking and subscribing to us there as well!