Episode 34 – The Killing Joke and Batman V. Superman: Ultimate Edition

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Hey NerdFunnelers! This week we talk about our viewing of the animated film adaptation of Alan Moore’s seminal Batman graphic novel, The Killing Joke and also our revisit of the new and improved version of the slightly disappointing Batman V. Superman movie in the form of its Ultimate Edition, recently released on Blu Ray and digital! Listen is as we nerd out over similarities and differences of The Killing Joke comic to the movie, give our opinions on voice acting and style and analyze the ¬†incarnations of all our favorite characters. Then we cover how Zach Snyder slightly un-botched his botching of the Batman V. Superman movie with some added scenes and continuity fixes, then we give our thoughts on comic book movies in general, what needs to be made and what needs to change! It’s a total comic and movie nerd-out! Like, comment and subscribe to our site, on Facebook and on Youtube and give us your opinions!