Episode 9 – Romance, Relationships, Love and Words

So often we end up as C-3P0, but we all keep trying for what's happening to his left
So often we end up as C-3P0, but we all keep trying for what’s happening to his left

Hey Nerd Funnelers you’re looking very nice! Have you done something new with your hair? Is that a new shirt you’re wearing? Would you like another drink? Are the cheap come-ons working? This week we investigate romance and love in the nerd world in a belated nod to Valentine’s day. We talk about relationships in popular video games, TV, movies and stories, why they work, why they don’t work, an even share a bit our own sordid history. We also take an interesting tangent into what defines literature as Bawbshway and Steven battle Ivan in a test of philosophical and semantic strength. Also debuting this week is the brand new Nerd Funnel Dinking Game! Play along with a glass of your favorite libation! We will post them on the site at www.nerdfunnel.com  in the WordFunnel section and on the Facebook page so you can all play along. For those listening, the first rules we have come up with are at the 1hr 53 min mark. Grab a glass and lets get it on!