Guardians of the Galaxy from Telltale Games

Telltale Games has been at the forefront of interactive episodic graphic adventure games in recent years. Telltale has given us games based on Batman, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and other properties. Now it seems as though Telltale Games is tackling another property: Guardians of the Galaxy. Learn more about it after the jump.

Guardians of the Galaxy has been a wildly successful film so it makes sense that Telltale Games tackle this property as well since they have a track record of turning popular films and TV shows into an interactive adventure. During The Game Awards in December, it was revealed that Telltale Games was working on Guardians of the Galaxy. The teaser trailer does not reveal too much about the game, however we can expect it to be five episodes long with the first episode coming sometime later this year (though no specific release date has yet been announced.)

According to Telltale CEO Kevin Bruner, the game will allow the player to be multiple members of Starlord’s crew throughout the story, not unlike what we’ve seen with previous Telltale titles such as Game of Thrones. Bruner also states that the player will get to play as various characters of Starlord’s crew. However, Telltale will have some big shoes to fill with Guardians of the Galaxy: will it live up to the snappy dialogue that fans loved in the first film? If you play as Groot, will the only dialogue options be “I Am Groot?” Furthermore, because we are playing as familiar characters, will the storyline be similar to that of the film or will there be new ones? The Guardians of the Galaxy¬†comics have a rich history which spans back all the way to 1969 so if Telltale gets desperate for ideas, they have a huge cache of material to pull from that are unrelated to the movie. With the way Telltale games are, it will be interesting to see how certain decisions will impact the intergalactic adventures of the Guardians.

This new title also begs the question, will Guardians of the Galaxy be the first of many more Marvel titles to come from Telltale Games? Be sure to check back in with us for updates on this news.