Marvel’s Defenders Trailer Released. Yay?

So we’ve finally done it.  We’ve brought the lower-budget MCU’s Avengers to the small-screen.

There’s so much in this trailer to be excited about.  Charlie Cox’s charming brogue announcement of attorney-client privilege is met with Krysten Ritter’s permanent scowl.  Mike Colter’s carefree, stalwart bare chest convinces his omnipresent bedmate, Rosario Dawson, of his resolve to keep Harlem safe.  She boldly proposes a meeting with the fearless warrior monk, Finn Jones, who brazenly declares himself as the immortal Iron Fis…



That’s another shot.


Dammit, Danny! I’m still drunk from the series premiere!


How is it that a show that has its own drinking game for whenever its main character has to childishly remind his enemies (and the audience) who he is, manage to miss another opportunity to have it mean something? Instead, we get the same douche-bro trying to get respect from the sorority girl he’s trying to impress.  Although, it is nice to see the look of surprise on Luke’s face.


I graduated Alpha Phi.


But sour grapes aside, the galvanizing voice of Stick that scolds the four school children to “get your shit together” is an ominous and promising call to action for our heroes.  Finally, we get a small taste of the “War” he’s been teasing us with for a couple years.


“You look like a bitch.” “-but you’re blind.” “Did I stutter?”


What would be really exciting to see is if Stick can shed some light on K’un L’un and the ongoing war with the Hand. Which somehow involves the undead Elektra.  By the way, I honestly don’t remember how or why she died in Daredevil Season II.  But hey, she’s back.


Just try and keep me locked away, bitch.


Sigourney Weaver then pops up as the main villain (and maybe Danny’s Mom because drug deals and internet rumors) and looks ominous as Dapper Hands whip out their night sticks.


What’s that Ridley?  You’re “sorry” you got Aliens 5 axed?  Not yet, you aren’t.


What follows is a heavily choreographed high school dance sequence down a long hall, the new signature of the Marvel Netflixiverse, where each player waits patiently for their turn to move.  But, fair play, we get the best laugh and unintentional burn of the entire trailer.


And most accurate Danny Rand costume, thus far.


Really, watch it again and try to unsee Luke’s lazy gaze as Danny jumps off the wall.


Danny stahp…


Danny nooo…


Well, I’ve heard a rumor the choreography team stepped up their game and hopefully they and the editing team are playing their best close to their chest for the premiere, August 18th.  Hindsight can be an ally especially after all the well-warranted fallout from the incredibly disappointing showing from the unfathomable, incorrigible, immortal Iron Fis…


God, goddammit.