NEW DJI Mavic Platinum and Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian Drones Announced

Fresh new DJI drones to spend your money on.

DJI in their ceaseless march towards superiority over the skies and your wallet have announced at the ITA Convention in Berlin that they are refreshing two of their most popular drones.  As a result, you’ll start to feel lightness in the pocket book region. The DJI Mavic Pro and Phantom 4 Pro have special releases as the Mavic Platinum and Phantom 4 Obsidian editions.  Continuing their unique brand of “aggressive innovation,” these new models seek to make you side-eye your drones and wonder how much you can sell ’em for on ebay.


Black Phantom

The Phantom 4 Obsidian is identical in specs to its twin, the Phantom 4 Pro and Pro+ in just about every way… save for it now features a brand new matte-dark gray(ish) obsidian shell and a magnesium electroplated camera and gimbal that is fingerprint resistant. (Ed. note: looks black to me.)

Pictured: A “long term” investment.


The new Mavic Platinum, however, boasts a couple new features such as a redesigned rotors and propellers, a 30 minute fly time, and a sleek new less gray(ish) platinum color.  But is it worth it?



What’s most interesting about the new model is thanks to the redesigned FOC sinusoidal driver ESCs (read: spinny thingys) and propellers.  The increased motor and energy efficiency adds a respect a respectable 3 minutes to flight time to make an overall OCD-friendly 30 minutes.


Inventor of the name FOC Sinusoidal Driver ESC


But the best gain of updating the rotors, by far, is the noise reduction by 4dB, or according to DJI, a 60% noise power reduction.  Being drone pilots ourselves ANY reduction in noise is welcome.  Since the already relatively quiet Mavic Pro maxes out around 83-84dB and that – 4 = 79-80, we here at NFHQ  aren’t really sure how they got 60%. (Spoiler alert: math and science or something)  Sources say that the new propellers will fit on existing Mavic Pros AND WILL improve battery life/noise reduction but, according to DJI, “not by much.”



Average dB of the current model. Credit: iPhonedo


Want to Get Your Greasy Mitts on One?

Both models are now on pre-order status at all major retailers.  The new P4 and P4+ Obsidian will run the current $1499 and $1799 respectively.  The new Mavic Platinum will make you ask yourself if it’s worth $100 extra for the added 3 minutes in air and quieter take offs and landings.  If the way we here at NerdFunnel are currently feeling left out is any indication, it just might be.