Nerd Funnel’s Geeky Christmas Shopping List!

Hey Nerd Funnelers! ‘Tis the season once again and Bobby has tasked me with compiling a list of some awesome gifts for the nerdy loved ones in your life! If you are low on ideas for what to get, peruse this nerdy list!

I’m not very girly, my uniform tends to be jeans and some sort of graphic tee paired with my trusty Coach sneakers. The only times I’m dressed even remotely feminine are when Nerd Funnel is doing filmed segments or remotes on location such as with our Nerd Con or Comic-Con segments. However, if you’ve ever noticed, my wardrobe for those segments are feminine but with a geeky flair. I love skater dresses with an interesting nerdy print. For instance, I bought a dress at Comikaze (aka Stan Lee’s LA Comic-Con) from the company, Lace and Lore. The dress is a skater dress with a purple D20 print and a pink background. For those willing to spend a little more, it’s the perfect gift for the pen-and-paper rpg lover in your life.

I’ve found that Etsy can be a valuable resource in finding really cool, custom nerd gear so you may notice a pattern in my recommendations. I’m also a big fan of 8-bit art as it brings back a feeling a nostalgia for me as it reminds me of my cousin allowing me to play on his SNES every so often. And again, I like to add a little something geeky to my feminine accessories. A cost-effective item for those who love 8-bit art is this heart meter headband. For a grand total of $10.75, you can’t really go wrong.

Let’s say you have a loved one who isn’t a gamer. Are they maybe a fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender? Of course, they are. I personally don’t trust anyone who isn’t a fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Coincidentally, I also don’t trust anyone who is a huge fan of James Cameron’s Avatar. If you know someone who is an Airbender fan, they’re sure to love this darling little turtle-duck plush.

One of my favorite things is outerspace and planets. I’m also a huge fan of jewelry despite my tomboy-ish demeanor. We all know that Thinkgeek is one of the most well-known purveyors of nerd merchandise. I don’t check it as often as I used to because I know my propensity to spend money on that website and also how expensive it can be. However, this particular item made me purchase from Thinkgeek for the first time in years: the solar orbit necklace. As of this writing the item is listed as being sold out, though I highly encourage checking back frequently to see if it is back in stock as it gets restocked fairly regularly.

For those still looking to spend a bit more this holiday season, I stumbled across a crate subscription service called, Gamer Girl Monthly. The service offers two different tiers: a monthly theme collection and a personalized monthly subscription for $10 more. Both offer geeky jewelry and other goodies for reasonable prices. The website even allows for purchasing specific items from previous crates (at a slightly higher price.) I’ve personally been a subscriber for 6 months and loved the selection. There is also an option to upgrade your geeky jewelry to sterling silver for those who are allergic to certain metals. I highly recommend giving it a look!

Hopefully you find the right gifts for all your geeky friends and family this holiday season. Happy shopping, Nerd Funnelers!