New Twin Peaks Trailer Revealed!

In a TV season pegged to be among the better in recent memory, there are plenty of great options headed our way. Netflix originals such as Master of None and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt released new seasons this past week. Acclaimed shows such as Better Call Saul, House of Cards and Silicon Valley are all arguably at their peaks and slated for new seasons within the month. And highly anticipated shows American Gods and Handmaid’s Tale have debuted to viewers’ delight. Yet the biggest moment in television this year is sure to be the return of Twin Peaks. Twenty five years, a prequel and a breakout movie later, David Lynch is back!

Cage Wild At Heart
Oh maaaan, you weren’t talking about Wild at Heart??

Now that hype has built and the official trailers are out we know…. w-well we don’t know anything. Kyle McLaughlin  is back as the charismatic Agent Dale Cooper, we think, whom we last saw fighting a battle against the mysterious “Bob”. Could’ve read the news to figure that one out! A majority of the cast seems to be returning, though, as we’ve caught glimpses of Andy, Ed, Hawk and Lucy in the teasers released so far. Unfortunately, the show has suffered significant losses in the casting department. It’s unsure whether Michael Ontkean will return as his role as Harry S Truman, though it’s looking unlikely. Additionally, Warren Frost (Dr Hayward), Miguel Ferrer (Albert Rosenfield) and Michael Parks (Jean Renalt) all passed away during production. They will be sorely missed. But luckily, it seems as though, with the aging cast, many of the newer roles have likely been passed on to a younger crowd.   

Ooooh! I like the looks of this cast

In fact, we got some glimpses of classic Lynch archetypes in the new cast:

The sullen white guy (who hopefully doesn’t sing this time)


The grumpy, slightly off-putting old lady


The blonde damsel in distress


And who could forget – the fat lady walking a Chihuahua down the hotel hallway…

Okay, so not exactly every element of these new trailers matches perfectly with Lynch’s history – but boy this looks really fits his style. It feels like prime Lynch, with an eerie, droney score roaming in the background. The camera cuts keep everything mysterious, with those rapid-fire shots of the forest. And there’s a hazy, almost noir-atmosphere that Lynch manages to capture so well. Even in these brief moments, Lynch conveys that sense of dread that makes him such a phenomenal director.

After the pure craziness of Inland Empire and 25 years of anticipation, Lynch has set the stage exceptionally well. He still hasn’t revealed much at all and that only builds to my excitement for the new season. The return of all the familiar faces is likely to bring forth a wave of nostalgia for most viewers – but it’s equally thrilling to see the fresh ones in the mix. In an era so defined by remakes and sequels, it’s looking like Lynch might produce a great one.