Red Dead Redemption 2! Rumors and Speculation


By Phuong Pham

Anyone who is a fan of both spaghetti westerns and video games found the best of both worlds when these two things collided into the amazing game, Red Dead Redemption: an open world, western-themed action adventure game. So what could be better than that? How about Red Dead Redemption 2? Hit the jump for all the rumors surrounding the Red Dead Redemption sequel!

Red Dead Redemption offered everything a spaghetti western fan could dream of: it was an open world, third person game with a first-person feel. We see the western theme come about not only in films of yesteryear but also in science-fiction, most notably with Firefly. It made sense for the next step to be a western in the form of a video game. And while we’ve had similar predecessors before Red Dead Redemption, this was quite a step up from the old quick shooter arcade cabinets and The Oregon Trail. Red Dead Redemption put you in the middle of your very own western movie filled with gun-slinging, revenge, horses, poker, etc. and after a few image teasers, Rockstar Games finally confirmed Red Dead Redemption 2’s release date of roughly a year from now (fall 2017.)


While not much is known about the game yet, a new feature that will be added is online multi-player. Unfortunately, the game is only being offered for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One so it looks like PC players will be out of luck. And while there has not been very many official announcements as to what else the game will entail, the internet being the internet has some theories. For instance, Techradar claims that they have confirmation a game map leaked earlier this year (which was then promptly taken down) is, in fact, the map for the new Red Dead Redemption 2.


The new map shows that the events in Red Dead Redemption 2 will take place east of the map in the original Red Dead Redemption. Both Techradar and Polygon allege that the game may take place years before the kidnapping of John Marston’s wife and son; when he was with the Dutch’s Gang. A story revolving around the Dutch’s Gang would explain the seven silhouettes depicted in the teaser image from Rockstar.


Additionally, the new map shows a city named, New Bordeaux, which shares the same name as a city in Mafia 3. In Mafia 3, New Bordeaux is meant to be New Orleans and with this alleged Red Dead Redemption 2 map being located where it is, it’s possible the game may take place in Louisiana. But again, this is all speculation at this point. Perhaps we will learn a little bit more when the trailer is released on Oct 20th 2016!

Whatever the sequel (or prequel) will include, we will be sure to keep you updated on any new developments!