The Strain Season 3 Premiere!

strain 1

For all intents and purposes, I shouldn’t like this show as much as I do. It’s cheesy. It’s a bit predictable. It’s erratically shot and poorly edited. But it’s FUN! And the first couple episodes of the season reminded me why. The characters are so over the top in their archetypes that they loop around cheesy and actually become interesting again. It’s like I’m so saturated by the trope of each character that I actually lose sight of the trope, and all becomes interesting and hilarious at the same time. I’m not quite sure how to describe it, but I will try.

Firstly though, to catch you all up with a plot dump:

Our drunken genius “hero”

At the end of last season, Kelly (Our hero doctor Eph’s transformed, vampire ghoul wife) infected Nora Martinez (Eph’s doctor partner and new love interest) and took Ephs son as a semi-willing hostage. Eph is super broken up and drinks a lot while working on a bioweapon for the government — which, he is shocked to learn from Samantha Mathis’ hard ass Mayor Feraldo, has only been killing 75 percent of the time, now. The vamps are adapting!

strain 2
Does not end well for Nora


Fet, the suave NY born exterminator, (and my favorite, played by Kevin Durand) has been working alongside the Navy SEALS, helping them destroy vampire nests in pursuit of the Master. He is soon informed over drinks with his SEAL buddies that New York is being abandoned by the military in order to protect Washington DC, mostly because of their run in with Eichorst and the brutal killing of many of his men.

strain 4
Such badassery!
strain 3
Time to go feed your momma!
strain 5
I love this evil bastard!