Tom Holland Cast as Nathan Drake (and What This Means for the Uncharted Movie)

A huge announcement was made yesterday regarding the current status of the Uncharted live-action film. It seems that Sony Pictures has made a casting decision on who is going to play the iconic role of Nathan Drake. The snarky treasure hunter will be played by Tom Holland, known for his work as the most recent iteration of Spider-Man in the Marvel Comics movies universe. As you may have guessed, I have some thoughts…

Upon hearing the news that Tom Holland, little Peter Parker from Spider-Man: Homecoming, would be playing the ruggedly handsome treasure hunter, you probably thought (much like I did) that he is far too young. (Tom Holland is 21. I can’t take Nathan Drake seriously if it looks like I could’ve babysat him for extra money to head down to the malt shop.) Well, you’d be right. This is because Holland will not be portraying the Nathan Drake that we’re so intimately familiar with, but rather a younger version of our favorite adventurer. Allegedly, this casting choice was made after Sony Pictures chief, Tom Rothman was blown away by Holland’s performance in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

So what does this mean for Joe Carnahan’s “monstrously cool” script that he had completed for the Uncharted film?It’s most likely getting scrapped in lieu of a script that will focus more on the adventures of a young Nathan Drake. (Apparently, not “monstrously cool” enough for Sony to invest in.) The search for a new script continues and it is beginning to look like Uncharted is getting dragged through development hell, yet again.

The upcoming Uncharted film will be closer to resembling a prequel more than anything else. Sadly, this most likely means no Chloe or Elena. The film will be based on the flashback scenes of a young Nathan Drake as seen in Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. However, this means that we will most likely be seeing an appearance from Victor “Goddamn” Sullivan since Drake met Sully as a young boy and was mentored by him. (I nominate Bruce Campbell as the aging, cigar-loving womanizer. Let’s face it, he already played a Sully-facsimile in Burn Notice.)

Pictured: basically Sully.

This drastic change in the script could spell trouble for Sony. Firstly, a finished script is being tossed out and with the new casting choice this means the current script will need to be redone from the ground up or thrown out completely. In terms of a script, we are back at square one. Furthermore, the film stands to alienate a majority of diehard Uncharted fans by focusing on a part of Nate’s life before he became the Nathan Drake. Admittedly, this extreme hard left that the Uncharted production has taken may have been done in order to introduce new audiences to the modern-day Indiana Jones that gamers know and love. However, should this be done at the expense of long time fans? A new, original story is certainly an ambitious move but it really has to be mindblowing to impress both new potential fans and long time fans. Welp, as Chloe says, “Desperate times, right?”