Twitch to Sell Video Games

Gamers know Twitch as the foremost platform in video game streaming. However, gamers may also know Twitch as a video game retailer, soon. Hit the jump for more details.

Twitch boasts staggering numbers as it is home to more than 45 million gamers so it makes sense for Twitch to try to get more revenue and this time, it’s through selling games; not just having members watch streaming. Just announced yesterday, Twitch will start selling titles as early as this week. The titles will include both independent and mainstream publishers. Some of the publishers that will be partnering with Twitch are the gaming titans Ubisoft and Telltale Games. Smaller publishers will include Vlambeer and tinyBuild so users will be able to experience many different types of games.

But why buy digital copies of games from Twitch when Steam has been the leader in PC gaming? Well, Twitch is offering some incentives for those who purchase from them. For instance, Twitch will be offering members “Twitch Crate,” a digital crate which gives members Twitch exclusives such as emotes, badges, and Bits. Another reason why members may want to purchase games from Twitch is because it will give them the chance to help their favorite streamers since they will see five percent of the revenue from games purchased through their channel. This could mean a massive increase in revenue for big name streamers like Kiwo, Mr. Moon, and Total Biscuit.

Time will tell if Twitch’s new venture into video game retail will affect Steam sales. What do you think of the new stance Twitch is taking with the gaming industry?