Uncharted: The Lost Legacy; A Standalone Chloe Adventure!

In an unprecedented move, Naughty Dog announced this year at PlayStation Experience that there would be a standalone Chloe adventure and, of course, being a Chloe cosplayer, I was over the moon. Hit the jump to learn more and see how awesome Chloe is.

Chloe Frazer has to be one of my favorite female protagonists: she is smart, she is witty, she is sexy, and she is confident. Chloe makes the list of a very small number of strong female protagonists with agency such as Buffy of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Zoe Washburn of Firefly which is why I chose to cosplay her. She is definitely not a damsel in distress which anyone who has played any of the Uncharted games can attest to. Often times, she is the one that is usually getting Nathan Drake out of a jam and has proven to be an amazing double agent. With everything that Chloe is capable of and what a strong, multi-dimensional character she is, it seems like a perfect fit for her to have her own storyline. However, her game is not another installment in the Uncharted franchise so this is not to be considered Uncharted 5. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is a Chloe adventure in the form of DLC (think Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon but less 80’s.) The DLC follows the events of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End as Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross (introduced in Uncharted 4) join forces to protect a sacred Indian artifact from the clutches of others looking to use it for more nefarious purposes (not unlike many other plotlines in the Uncharted franchise.) In the trailer, we see Chloe going undercover in a red hijab and infiltrating a building. When the mission goes awry, we see Nadine stepping in to help. There is no word yet on whether any familiar characters from the franchise will make a cameo in the DLC.

In the trailer, we see Chloe, walking amongst a city in ruins, undercover in a red hijab and infiltrating a building. It’s also clear that Chloe is able to hold her own against several armed henchmen, just as well as Nathan. And when things go awry, Nadine steps in to help. There is no word yet on whether Nathan, Elena, and/or Sully will make a cameo in the DLC. See the official trailer for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy below:

A DLC adventure definitely seems like a safe way to test the waters as to how well a full-fledged Chloe game might do with the Uncharted fanbase. Hopefully, the success of The Lost Legacy will prompt Naughty Dog to make an Uncharted game starring Chloe. The question is, will Nathan Drake fans still enjoy this beloved franchise with a female protagonist? Admittedly, as a heterosexual woman, although I will miss making Nathan Drake bend over to pick up ammo every once in a while, I’ll take the tradeoff of having a badass heroine like Chloe take his place and would welcome a Chloe-centric Uncharted game with open arms.

Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2016/12/03/uncharted-the-lost-legacy-will-be-a-stand-alone-game/#2183745b2b94