This Week In Comic Book Movie Reboots: ‘Hellboy’

We all know that Hollywood tends to have a habit of catching sequelitis and reboot fever. Therefore, it shouldn’t shock anyone that a reboot of Hellboy is currently in the works. Hit the jump for more on the comeback of the humanoid half-demon.

Many may roll their eyes at another reboot as Hollywood has had a pattern of churning them out instead of creating completely original intellectual properties. However, with the recent positive reviews from both critics and moviegoers alike surrounding Spider-Man: Homecoming, people have been instilled with a new hope for the art of the remake. This is most notable in the way of the comic book movie. In addition to two Spider-Man reboots and an incredible amount of Batman reboots, the comic book movie is the most susceptible film genre to sequelitis. Comic books have multiple realities and are constantly being rebooted within their original medium, not just with films.

What, then, can we expect from the new Hellboy movie? Taking on the role that was made so memorable by Ron Pearlman will be David Harbour, known for his role as Jim Hopper on Stranger Things. The script seems to be in good hands with Mike Mignola, creator of Hellboy, at the helm, followed by Syfy’s Eureka writers, Andrew Cosby and Christopher Golden.

While we may not be getting a third Hellboy movie as promised in previous years, we will be getting a Hellboy reboot and hopefully, that will be enough to appease diehard fans. If anything, David Harbour certainly looks the part in all his Hellboy special effects makeup glory. The new costuming for Hellboy has enough of a creative flair to separate it from the original while not being so different as to completely alienate fans of Ron Perlman’s iteration of the character.

Additionally, another Hellboy casting choice that is getting attention is that of Lost actor, Daniel Dae Kim as Major Ben Daimio. Originally, the role was intended to go to Ed Skrein, probably most known for his role as Ajax in Deadpool. However, when Skrein learned that Major Ben Daimio was originally a character of Asian descent in the comics, he stepped down in favor of the role being cast with an Asian actor instead of a “whitewashed” recast.

So far, the Hellboy reboot seems to be shaping up!

Source: Screenrant