Taxi Driver Director, Martin Scorsese Takes on Joker Origin Story Movie

We have been seeing a lot of superhero origin stories over the past several years from both Marvel and DC. However, a Joker origin story will probably be one of the most anticipated films and with Martin Scorsese producing, there will be even higher expectations. Hit the jump to learn more.

Quite possibly the comic book origin movie that everyone has been waiting for, a Joker origin movie is currently in the works with a big name producer. What sets the him apart from other comic book characters is that he has several possible origin stories. For those familiar with the Joker, in several iterations, he tends to tell many different tales of how he came to be the person he is. Because of this, the Joker serves as an unreliable narrator which gives those working on the Joker origin movie numerous possibilities on how to approach the plot of the film.

One of the most popular Joker origin stories is The Killing Joke penned by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland. The Killing Joke paints the Joker as a failed comedian who must turn to a life of petty crime, as the Red Hood, in order to support his wife and their future child. In a confrontation with Batman, the failed comedian turned criminal falls into a vat of chemicals, giving him his iconic bleached skin, red lips, and green hair. Another possible origin story is Case Study, which portrays the Joker as a scheming gangster and predominantly creates this crazed persona as a means to legally avoid the death penalty by reason of insanity.

One of the more recent origin stories was actually written by Scott Snyder and follows a more unconventional storyline. In Batman #38 (released in 2015), the Joker is presented as an immortal being who has been kept alive by the Lazarus Pits; long before Ra’s Al Ghul discovered them. Although highly unlikely, this would probably be the worst iteration of the his origin story to translate to film. The supernatural slant has the likelihood of being the catastrophe that resulted in the Halle Berry Catwoman movie (no pun intended.)

What we do know about the upcoming Joker origin film is that it will be set in the 80’s with a gritty film, a la Taxi Driver. Hopefully, the rating for this film will reflect the grittiness for a more rich storytelling experience with regards to who the Joker is. We saw how successful this tactic was for Marvel when Deadpool received the greenlight for its R rating. For those who were not fans of Jared Leto’s interpretation of the Joker in Suicide Squad; these moviegoers can rest assured knowing that the Joker will be portrayed by an entirely different actor who is yet to be determined.

The screenplay, itself will be written by Todd Phillips, producer for The Hangover, and Scott Silver who wrote 8 Mile. Phillips will be directing the film as well as producing alongside the legendary Martin Scorsese. Certainly, the crew for the film is already made of interesting choices and given the tragic and psychologically disturbed psyche of the killer clown, transferring his all-too-familiar persona to a Taxi Driver-esque film does not seem like it would be much of a stretch.

Source: Deadline