Your Friendly Neighborhood Action-Adventure Game

With all of the new announcements that have come out of E3, one of the most highly anticipated games of 2018 is Spider-Man for the PlayStation 4. What exactly makes the upcoming Spider-Man title so intriguing? Hit the jump for details.

The new Spider-Man title coming from Insomniac is going to be an open world, action-adventure game. If this sounds like a familiar concept, that’s because Neversoft came out with a similar game in 2000. The Neversoft Spider-Man game utilized the same engine used in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater (released in 1999) to give the game is open, sandbox-type feel. Insomniac is the studio that is responsible for the highly regarded apocalyptic third-person shooter, Sunset Overdrive for the Xbox One. With that in mind, we can expect some great things from the new Spider-Man game. One aspect of the game that will be interesting is that it will feature a brand new story line. In this universe, Peter Parker is 23-years-old and has been Spider-Man for quite some time, as opposed to previous games which deal with him becoming Spider-Man and settling into his new role. Additionally, it was revealed that the “Peter Parker aspects” of the story will be just as important as his crime fighting escapades. In fact, the game begins with our favorite web-slinging hero putting Kingpinin behind bars and a gang of masked thugs attempting to take over Fisk Industries. The game puts you in the action right away!

Speaking of action, Insomniac also decided to use similar fighting mechanics as seen in the Batman Arkham series, meaning that melee fighting will be extremely intuitive. We have seen other games adopt the same design with melee combat, as well such as with the Mad Max: Fury Road game. No doubt that these melee fighting mechanics will be quite the spectacle when considering Spider-Man’s expertise in acrobatics.

For more on the new Spider-Man game coming to the PS4, click the link below to check out the E3 demo!

Source: The Guardian